We are committed to providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum set within the framework of the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage through which children’s One of our children in class individual learning needs are met.

We place great importance on teaching our children those skills needed for maximum independence and quality of life in their future years by providing stimulating and challenging curriculum experiences to which each child has full access.

We consider every child as an individual and as unique, and plan for him or her accordingly. All aspects of the curriculum promote equal access for all pupils whilst considering gender, ethnicity, special needs, social circumstances, age, cultural and religious beliefs.

We actively celebrate the many different cultures, languages and festivals represented by the pupils and staff at Oakleigh School. We also pay particular attention to any individual needs concerning diet and collective worship. Multiculturalism is part of the fabric of Oakleigh.

We are also committed to providing the security and attention that is needed at such a young age, and to working together with parents in as many ways as possible.

Each child at Oakleigh is unique. We value and care for every child’s needs on an individual basis. Working to each person’s strengths allows us to create an environment at Oakleigh where everybody feels able to contribute. This is true for both staff and children.

We expect standards of behaviour common to all people in our society, and aim to teach the children what is, and what is not, acceptable, not only directly but also through our own attitudes and school ethos. All staff are trained in the Team Teach approach to supporting children who exhibit challenging behaviour, which is in line with Barnet policy. We have a full and comprehensive behaviour support policy, which is available for everyone to see.

Safeguarding our children

We are vitally aware that many of our children are extremely vulnerable, as they can not express themselves fully. We have created a very full policy document outlining how to protect children’s rights and dignity at all times.

A pupil at Oakleigh School

We have also outlined clearly our school procedures in case, at any time, we suspect a child might have been subject to abuse; this covers abuse of a physical, sexual or emotional nature and neglect. This is in line with Barnet’s Safeguarding procedures, which we must follow in any such event. A copy of the school’s safeguarding policy can be requested.

Special Educational Needs

Every school, mainstream and special, has a Special Needs Policy. This outlines the arrangements that all schools have made for their children with special needs, this is an all encompassing policy and much of the detail has been mentioned in other places throughout this brochure