In the event of heavy snow or dangerous road conditions, the decisions to cancel transport are made by Transport, in liaison with others in the Local Authority. We then carry out a risk assessment, and make a decision as to whether school should be entirely closed, or open to those members of staff and pupils who can safely get to and from school.

Photo of a snowy street

The decision to open also depends on having sufficient members of staff who can get in, to ensure the children’s safety. If Transport is cancelled, you will get a call / text from us, and it is Transport you need to contact regarding any transport issues – 020 8359 5110.

If school is closed, you will also receive a text message from us – please ensure we have your most up to date mobile phone number. We will also put a message on the office voicemail (extension 0) to let you know the situation from the school’s point of view. Information will also be posted on both the school and Barnet websites.