Assessment Information

July 2016

Assessment Information Diagram

  • Attainment at the end of EYFS: All pupils were assessed as Emerging in the EYFS Profile.
  • Pupil’s attainment from Year 1 to Year 6 - ranges from P1ii – P7
  • In July 2016, at the end of Key Stage 2, the range was as follows:
    • English P3i – P7
    • Maths P2ii – P7
    • Science P2ii – P5

Please note that the P Level Descriptors for P3ii and below in the core subjects are generic, and do not split into individual subject strands. As such, we have represented English as a whole rather than as Reading and Writing. For further information contact the Assessment Co-ordinator.

More details can be found at:

P Scales
For children in Year 1 and above, when you attend your child’s Annual Review meeting, you will receive a summary sheet of their assessments against the P Scales.

For detailed information about what each score means in more detail, please refer to this document: [Measuring Children's Progress at Oakleigh].

For further information please contact your child’s class teacher.

Other forms of assessment

Each child has a termly PLP (Personal Learning Plan) drawn up for them by the teacher in consultation with parents / carers and other professionals. This identifies the child’s strengths and needs and lists approximately 5 outcomes (targets), which the child will work towards during the term. These Outcomes are taken from their EHCPs and/or Progress/Annual Reviews.

Parents / carers receive a copy of the PLP just before each half term and each child will be working towards their PLP targets during the the daily lessons and activities. The PLP outcomes also feature in the extra-curricular activities which include lunchtime clubs, after school clubs and playscheme.

Each term the child’s success in meeting their targets is evaluated, and you will receive last term’s evaluated PLP, together with the new one. Parents and carers are seen as vital partners in enabling their child to achieve and makes progress as they provide the continuity between school and home.

If you would like to see our planning and recording systems please ask.

The school also sets appropriate whole school outcomes using P levels (Pre level 1 descriptors), against which attainment can be measured. Progress in these are detailed at the pupil’s Annual Review, but can be discussed at any time.

How parents/carers are informed of progress

This is done in many ways: the annual review report and meeting, in your home during home visits, in the daily home-school book, Talk Time Poatcards, a Certificate of Achievement. Progress is also shown on the scored off and evaluated PLPs, and of course is discussed when you are talking to the teacher on the telephone, via email or at school. We have online Learning Journals, using a programme called Tapestry. Teachers upload photos and videos with comments about your child’s achievements, for you to view and comment on. You are able to upload your own photos and videos of special moments at home. This means that we are able to share these with each other quickly and easily. Each parent / carer has their own log on, so only you can access your child’s Tapestry page.

Our Curriculum

Please visit Our Curriculum page of the Teaching and Learning section.