The children are offered regular appointments with either the school doctor, or the local paediatricians with whom they are already involved. Parents / carers attend the Medicals with their child, and these usually take place in the school’s Therapy Room.

How will my child get to school?

Some parents/carers bring and collect their children every day, but the majority use the Borough transport system.

Children can be collected and brought home on a minibus, or sometimes in a taxi. It is entirely up to parents / carers to decide whether or not to use this system; however certain criteria do apply regarding eligibility.

Image of School BusEach bus or taxi has a driver and an escort, who stays with the children all the time and brings messages, money etc. backwards and forwards between home and school.

The transport is arranged centrally, by Barnet, and is not under the control of the school. The contact number is 020 8359 2000. You will need to speak to the Transport Officer in the Special Needs section. All other transport enquiries to 020 8359 5110.

School Travel Plan

We have a school travel plan (STP) which outlines how our pupils and staff travel to school, mobility within the school grounds, concerns and suggestions plus an action plan. Each year parents/carers will be consulted via a questionnaire in the annual parent/carer survey. If you would like to see a copy of the STP please contact the office.

What about School dinners?

Most of the children have a school dinner. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach eating skills, as lunchtime at Oakleigh is part of the teaching day. We are proud to be part of the 'cook from fresh' School Meals Scheme.

The meals are 'cosmopolitan' and there is always a vegetarian choice, and a choice of dessert. Special diets, including Kosher, Halal and gluten free can usually be catered for. The meals currently cost £2.05 per day.

Do you supply nappies or incontinence pads?

No, we don’t. These need to be sent in either daily or weekly; the number will depend on where your child is at with toilet training. Don’t forget, once your child is 3 years old, she/he is entitled to up to five free nappies/incontinence pads a day.

Contact the school nurse or your Health Visitor if you have problems, or need to know more. If appropriate, we will ask you to provide/purchase a swimming pad via us.

The Specialist Provision Team

This Service is run by the Children’s Service, and operates from the North London Business Park. Teachers from the Service come into school to see children with visual or hearing impairment, and advise school staff appropriately.

The Head of this Team can be contacted on : 020 8359 2000.

The Children with Disabilities Social Work Team

There is a specialist social work team to offer help of various kinds to families of children with disabilities. They are part of Barnet Children’s Service.

The team can help with all sorts of family difficulties, as well as providing information on benefits and allowances, through to helping arrange respite care through Family Link. They work closely with the Paediatric Occupational Therapists who help assess children for home-aids and house alterations.

The Social Work Team and Occupational Therapists are based at North London Business Park, Builidng 4, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP Tel: 0208 359 2000.

Don’t forget, however, if you want to talk a problem through with us first we’re always here!

The School Nurse

We have a paediatric nurse who works in the school full time; she is employed by NHS Barnet.

The nurse does a multitude of things, e.g. giving out medication; seeing to children who become unwell or have seizures; tube feeding; attending medicals; assessing children for nappies / incontinence pads and generally giving advice. She can be contacted at school.

Many of our children need medication - either regularly or temporarily. The medications are kept under lock and key, and will be given at the correct time by the school nurse once a Health Care Plan has been drawn up by the nurse and parents/carers have given their written consent. If your child has a gastrostomy, needs oxygen or indeed has any other medical needs, a health care plan will be drawn up at school.

Children’s absence

Our children do not truant!

However, it is parents’/carers’ legal responsibility to make sure that they come to school regularly, and miss as little as possible. We have to keep very detailed registers showing clearly the reasons for children’s absence, and report annually on absences to both Barnet and the DCSP.

If you need to ask for special leave of absence or exceptional circumstances for your child, parents/carers must make an application in writing to the Head Teacher.

From 9/2008 to 9/2009, we had a total of 45 children of compulsory school age on roll (5-11 years) for at least one session, with 16.84% authorised, and 0.67% unauthorised absence.


If your child is very unwell, PLEASE don’t send him/her into school. You will receive more information about procedures regarding sickness once your child has started.