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Oakleigh School & The Early Years Intervention Centre caters for children aged 2 – 11 years who have severe learning difficulties and complex needs. The population includes children with additional needs, such as physical or sensory, and some children on the Autism Spectrum.

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Children who come to Oakleigh school have an Education, Health and Care Plan where the Local Authority has named our school. To arrange a visit, please call the school office on 0208 3685336, option 0. Please see our Admissions Policy.

For Acorn Admission please see our Early Years section

School  Organisation

Oakleigh School provides for children who have severe and complex learning difficulties.  Classes are organised within the key stages (in exceptional circumstances this may change) and children are grouped in order to deliver outstanding teaching strategies to meet their needs.

Oakleigh has a large staff team comprising skilled and committed teachers, learning support assistants, mealtime supervisors, site manager, administrative staff and ICT support who are full supported by a range of other professionals (see Therapists and Health, Family Support Team).  The multidisciplinary team all work together to ensure the very best outcomes are met for all our children.



Children may visit local school supported by Oakleigh staff and we also welcome our mainstream peers into school for positive inclusion opportunities with the wider community.