School Environment

Oakleigh School was built in the late 1950s. Since then, it has undergone continued and ongoing remodelling, enlargement and refurbishment to provide it with an extensive range of facilities.

We have a hydrotherapy pool  for our younger children to learn to swim and for children who need  hydrotherapy.

The school has a soft play environment to support Physical Development, Communication, Social Interaction and to provide a safe place to play, and a challenging and safe environment for children of all ages and abilities.

We have a sensory room with many attractive sound and light features to support visual stimulation and assessment, as well as opportunities for shared play and interaction.

We also have a multisensory den, which is themed to follow the school topic, to enhance the children’s learning experiences.

We have a range of shared equipment to bring lessons to life within our school curriculum.  They enable teaching and learning to be motivating, allowing our children to be excited about having a voice, and control over their environment.  These include eye gaze technology, enabling a child to access a computer; a sensory trolley to turn any class into a sensory room; and a floor projector which turns the floor into an interactive multisensory space.

The classrooms, are well resourced with specialist equipment and a wealth of other teaching equipment for the full range of children in the school. Classrooms have a large interactive plasma screen, connected to a computer and software appropriate for a range of Special Educational Needs, as well as iPads with stimulating apps. Where appropriate classes have additional communication aids, some using speech as well as a range of switches to increase pupils' access to the curriculum.

The playgrounds are divided into EYFS, Key stage 1 and 2 playgrounds with areas of large and small scale adventure play equipment, astroturf, safety surfaces and paths for trikes, outside gymn equipment,  musical instruments and swings etc.