This Spring Term the theme for our School Travel Plan is bikes and scooters. Between 18th and 22nd March we ran the second successful Bike It Week. Each class tallied each time the pupils used and explored wheels to move around as part of the national big pedal week run by Sustrans

Activities throughout the school focused on how we use wheels to travel around the school and in the local community.

Our nursery and reception children took part in the second Beep Beep day. Red class pupils walked to the local Tesco and made bicycle shaped cookies in class.

Our year six pupils, who are Oakleigh School's Junior Travel Ambassadors, went on a picnic to Friary Park and took along their scooters. They had great fun racing along the wide paths.

Staff turned the corridors around the school into a mini road system, complete with traffic lights, a zebra crossing and a box junction much to the pupils delight. The big finale for the week was a sensory story on Friday afternoon run by Richard O’Connell and Lindsey Kitchener based on the Tour de France. We were delighted to be joined by Ilias Ioannou, our Cycling Officer from the Safe and Sustainable Travel Team at Barnet House.