Oakleigh School held its third annual Road Safety Week between the 18th and 22nd of November 2019. The week was a huge success and the children enjoyed taking part in art projects based around road safety.

On the Wednesday was Beep Beep day where our Early Year’s pupils learnt about the basics of road safety through art and play activities. The corridors were decorated with the pupils art work and the children whizzed up and down the corridors in toy cars and trikes.

Road Safety Week 209One corridor was turned into a pretend road complete with traffic light, speed limits and a zebra crossing!

We celebrated the end of the week with Be Bright Be Seen day where staff and children dressed in bright colours, sang the road safety song and enjoyed exploring the local community by walks around the block and to the local Tesco.

Oakleigh school has had a successful start of the year for our School Travel Plan.