An ex-Oakleigh parent has contributed the following helpful information about some things he have been helping to set up at LAGC that may be of interest to other parents.

LAGC have been doing livestreams with NHS professionals, SEND Experts and autistic advocates to help the Autism Community with mental health during the pandemic. It is an opportunity for people to watch the stream and for those who are worried or having problems to comment and put questions to our guests, to receive their advice.

The videos are available at their public Facebook page, as well as details of the latest stream.

They are also creating a number of support services for the Autism Community, including online professional advice and peer support from members of our Facebook group in the same area. As part of this, they are looking for volunteers with a background in mental health. They have arranged for volunteers to receive training from an NHS psychotherapist before the process begins. Information can be found about applications on our website if you know of anyone who might be interested.

There is also a new Community Resources page with helpful information for families and individuals while the lockdown continues on their website: