On the 13th of November, I arrived to our school with excitement and curiosity and could not wait to start our event of Get Moving in aid of Children in Need.

The main theme and focus for this year’s Children in Need was to promote and champion for wellbeing by exploring and 5 Ways to Wellbeing across the country.

We did not have to think too much to decide that we, everyone here at Oakleigh wanted to take part in this event. Being connected, being active, being able to learn; helping others and taking notice – all of these 5 ways are fundamentally important for all the children and their families and for all of us, the staff at Oakleigh.

It was heart-warming to see so many of us, grown-ups dressed up in yellows and covered in spots. The children arrived in various shades of yellows, dots and spots covered fleeces and faces could be seen everywhere.

Precisely at 10 o’clock, we started our Get Moving and Grooving Zoom session hosted by Yellow Class and what a blast we had. Many classes and children joined us and in the middle of the second national lockdown when we have to socially and physically distance – what a gift it was to get connected across to screen and share moments of fun, being active together. To see the children’s reaction when seeing some of their friends in another class and share a moment together – I feel we truly created some magical moments in the midst of separation.

The children danced and moved and grooved and we raised a whooping amount of £43.60 which contributed to the country’s approximated total of £41 million.

I felt proud, I was proud to participate and to facilitate and support our children to 'be the change you wish to see in the world'.