Early Years Intervention Centre

The Early Years Intervention Centre (EYIC) provides a variety of services for children from birth to statutory school age with a range of special educational needs and disabilities.

The EYIC teams are based on the site of Oakleigh School and Acorn Assessment Centre also has a base at Colindale School. The children and staff have full access to the extensive range of facilities on both sites. The Early Years Intervention Centre and Oakleigh School are organised separately and the children who come under the EYIC go on to a wide range of educational provision at statutory school age.

The EYIC has three departments, each meeting the needs of early years children with special educational needs and disabilities in a different way.

See: Early Years Intervention Centre Organisational Chart

Acorn Assessment Centre

The Acorn Centre is based on two sites; one at Oakleigh School in Whetstone and one at Colindale Primary School. Acorn comes under the management of Oakleigh School & Early Years Intervention Centre. Acorn is staffed by an Assistant Head, in each class there is a class teacher and three to four Learning Support Assistants depending on need. Each site offers a swimming pool, soft play area and opportunities for a sensory environment.

Barnet Early Years SEND Advisory Team

As from April 2021, the Pre-school Inclusion Team and the Pre-school Teaching Team have merged to create one specialist early years advice and intervention service, The Early Years SEND Advisory Team. The Early Years SEND Advisory Team offers intervention to children who are showing some delays or difficulties in their development, under the age of 5 who live in the London Borough of Barnet.