What is Autism Spectrum Disorder/Condition?

With the right support, all children and young people with autism spectrum disorder learn, develop and make progress.

There are four areas of difference that are particularly important to understand and pay attention to because most children and young people on the autism spectrum will have individual educational needs to be met in these areas.

If you are concerned your child may have autism spectrum disorder or want to know more about it, you can look at the suggested websites below or you can talk to us or your  child’s Paediatrician.

Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Condition in Barnet, when there are concerns regarding a child’s social understanding, communication and interaction development, these will be discussed with your child’s Developmental  Paediatrician when you see them.

If the Paediatrician feels that your child’s developmental delay or differences could be due to Autism Spectrum Disorder, they will discuss with you referring your child to TASC, the Team for Assessing Social Communication.

What is TASC?

The Team for Assessment of Social Communication consists of a:

  • Paediatrician,
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Pre-school Teacher
Download TASC Flowchart

Finding a school for your child with autism

AET (Autism Education Trust) has produced a booklet for parents entitled 'Finding a school for your child with autism'

Download parents guide