Downs Syndrome

Our Service

We know some babies may only stay in hospital for a couple of days but others will need a while longer before being ready to go home, spending time in the hospital neonatal unit. Most children with Down’s syndrome will be born in hospital and diagnosis is likely to be made then, although this can sometimes occur later. Children with Down syndrome are referred to Barnet’s Child Development Service at point of identification of need or when they move into borough. The Pre-school Teaching will accept referrals of children from birth to five years who are not yet attending a maintained nursery or school. Children aged two to three years old in a maintained setting will be accepted by PsTT.

Service Offer

  • Initial home visit soon after referral to provide information / answer questions and offer parental support.
  • Ongoing home teaching visits as required- depending on age/stage (eg at nursery, EHCP assessment due).
  • Early Support key working
  • Annual Makaton signing for Babies training
  • Advice to early years settings child attends
  • Training and consultancy offered to nurserys

Weekly Communication Group

Overall goal: To support parents in understanding and developing their children’s communication and play skills.

  • Early intervention programme for children with Down syndrome living in Barnet aged 6 months to 4 years (on starting reception class).
  • Weekly parent/carer and toddler groups . Children assigned to group based on age.
  • Each child will be allocated to one of five half hour groups on a Wednesday afternoon term time only
  • Maximum number of children per group = 6
  • Children advance through the groups each term as they get older and as new children join the programme
  • Each group facilitated by Sandra Redman or Helena Goodfellow
  • Staff from pre-school settings invited to observe groups.
  • Visits from other professionals supporting children.