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Support at Nursery

When children known to our service start at an early years setting, nursery or childminder, we can help plan for and support their transition into the nursery. This will then help to ensure their needs are identified and supported whilst they are there.

If your child is 3 years old and attends a school nursery class, the responsibility for overseeing your child’s developmental needs is transferred to the school’s SENCO and our involvement will end.

If your child is at a:

  • Private, Voluntary or Independent Nursery (PVI)
  • Childminder
  • 2 year provision in a school

then we will:

  • attend termly meetings at the nursery to support your child’s progress and development whilst there
  • carry out observations of your child at their setting to help identify areas of strength and areas of need
  • model activities and strategies for key workers and/or SENCOs, to support your child’s development
  • liaise with setting staff and other outside agencies

Please note that if your child attends a PVI, Childminder or 2 year school nursery out of Barnet, we will take into consideration distance and time before agreeing to visit the nursery.