Working Together: Expectations of Childminders and SENCOs.

Childminders and the SENCOs will work in close partnership with children and parents to identify and plan for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Expectations of Childminder

  • Have an overview of the SEN Code of Practice, especially Chapters 1 (Principles) and 5 (Early Years Providers).
  • Have read and follow the processes outlined in ‘Identifying and Planning for needs in Early Years Childminding Settings’.
  • Liaise with the SENCO over any concerns about individuals. Access training and support provided by the SENCO and Barnet Pre-school Inclusion Team (PIT) e.g. termly training sessions.
  • Request parental permission for SENCO involvement as needed.

Expectations of SENCO

  • Support the Childminder as needed with identifying and planning for need e.g. providing observations, advice with planning, funding applications, referrals to additional professionals etc.
  • Provide termly training/signpost to other training.

If childminders have a concern about a child, they should contact the SENCO.


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