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  • SENCO Handbook.
    In this section you will find all the documentation and proforma you need to fulfil your role as SENCO.  There is guidance to help you to know what to do when you feel a child may be experiencing difficulties (‘The Graduated Approach’) plus all the observation formats and referral forms you may need
  • Barnet Early Years SENCO Toolkit
    The documents in this section are intended to support you in your role as setting SENCO. The SENCO TOOLKIT contains ideas and guides for various aspects of your role from explaining what a setting SENCO does, how to advise and support your colleagues in helping children to learn, meeting with parents when you have concerns and many others.
  • All The Tens
    In this section you will find a series of guides to support you in helping children.  Each one has ten points and so is an easily accessible resource for you to print off and have available for all staff.
  • Additional Guidance
    This section includes information on making an EY EHCP Assessment Request, information on specific conditions such as Hearing Impairment, Sensory Processing and other topics which will be of use to you in your role.
  • First Steps - Transition into Early Years Setting
    Good transitions are crucial in enabling children to settle into your setting and make progress.  ‘First Steps’ offers a wealth of information to help you to support the child and their family make a successful start at your setting.  In particular, SENCOs should look at pages 12 – 15 which relate to gathering information on any existing Special Educational Needs and Disabilities the child may have prior to starting with you.
  • One More Step - Transition into School Setting
    This is where you will find advice, information and guidance on how to help children in your setting make the next transition into school.  Again, SENCOs should look at pages 12 – 14.  Although children start school in September, the transition process starts in the September of the previous year and this document will help guide you successfully through the process.
  • Useful Web Links
    As the title suggests you will find links to useful sites such as Barnet Mencap, Universal Plus, Autism Education Trust, EYFS Statutory Framework and many more.
  • Training
    Here is a guide to the training offered by the Pre-School Inclusion Team Area SENCO team.  Please remember to use the ‘PIT Training Booking form’ which can be found here.
  • New - Video Resources
    We have put together a collection of useful resources to use within your setting
  • Makaton
    Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. The use of visual supports is often crucial in helping children to develop an effective means of communicating with those around them.  Makaton is used by many children and in this section you can find the link to the Makaton website, information on Makaton Friendly criteria and our Makaton Monthly newsletter.
  • Childminders
    Here you will find the NASEN Guide for Childminders and ‘Identifying and Planning for needs in Early Years  Childminding Settings’.
  • SEN Review
    How is your setting doing in terms of meeting the needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities?  Use this form to help you identify areas of good practice, those that need a little more work and to make a plan for how to improve upon these.
  • Feedback Form
    We are interested in your opinion of this web page and the information it offers. Please use the form to rate us!

Senco Handbook

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Section 1 - General Overview

  1. A Guide to ‘Ordinarily Available’ (the Local Offer) for Early Years Settings
  2. The Graduated Approach Diagram
  3. A Checklist of Action for The Graduated Approach for Key Workers

Section 2 - Observation Formats/Information Gathering

  1. Focussed Observation Sheet
  2. ABC Observation Sheet
  3. STAR Observation Sheet
  4. Tracking observation sheet
  5. Communication Checklist
  6. Language Mapping

Section 3 - Initial Action

  1. Individual Child Communication Log
  2. Consultation Request V5
  3. Local Council Link for Consultation Request Form - click on the link to be taken to the website:

Section 4 - Moving On

  1. SEN Profile (blank)
  2. SEN Profile (sample)
  3. SEN Support Plan 1 (blank)
  4. SEN Support Plan 2 (blank)
  5. Writing Clear Targets/Outcomes
  6. Invitation to SEN Support Plan Review Meeting
  7. Record of progress towards targets
  8. Info Request for SEN Support Plan Meeting
  9. Behaviour Support Plan
  10. Health Care Plan
  11. Supporting Children with Medical Conditions - DfE Guidance
  12. Supporting Children with Medical Conditions - Templates

Section 5 - Next Steps

  1. Barnet Child Development Service (CDS) Referral Form (09/2020)
  2. Child Development Sevice - external web page
  3. Referral information notes (PDF*)
  4. Professional Contact Information Sheet (Individual Child)
  5. Report Writing Guidance and Example Report for a CDS Referral

Section 6 - Early Years SENIF, DAF and Universal Plus

  1. Outline of DAF and SENIF September 2017
  2. Free Childcare Model Agreement (including DAF application form)
  3. Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund Information
  4. EY SENIF Application Form v5
  5. Guidelines for using EY SENIF Funding
  6. EY SENIF Monitoring Form
  7. Universal Plus
  8. Full Report Writing Guidance for EY SENIF

Section 7 - Transitions for Children with SEND

  1. Transitions into childcare for children on the Two Year Old Scheme
  2. Transitions into settings for children with SEND
  3. Invitation Checklist to Transition Meeting
  4. Transition Action Plan (for completion at transition meeting)
  5. Pan London Best Practice Principles for Transitions in Early Years
  6. Pan London Early Years Transition Report (Template)

Section 8 - Information for Parents

  1. Your setting’s Inclusion/Equality Policy Sample
  2. SENDIASS Leaflet
  3. Local Children’s Centre Information

Section 9 - Useful Information

  1. Contact numbers
  2. Local Services
  3. Information Leaflets

Section 10 - SENCO Information

  1. SENCO Job Description
  2. Courses attended

Section 11 - Area SENCO Information

  1. Consultation Records
  2. Area SENCO Focussed Observations

You may want to divide this section into general records and those relating to specific children e.g. the Area SENCO Focussed Observation.

Barnet Early Years SENCO Toolkit

Senco Toolkit Pic 1

Additional Guidance

Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Out of Borough EHCP Assessment Request applications

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions

Specific Conditions

First Steps - Transition into Early Years Setting

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