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Pre-school Teaching Team

What is the Pre-school Teaching Team?

Barnet Pre-school Teaching Team is an early intervention service for children with complex Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.  We offer mainly home-based teaching support to children under the age of 5 who live in the London Borough of Barnet. The Pre-school Teaching team is a registered Portage Service.
The Pre-school Teaching Team offers intervention to children who are showing some delays or difficulties in their development. We aim to work together with parents and carers to help children make developmental progress. From the information available at the multi-agency referral meeting, a decision will have been made that the Pre-school Teaching Team could have a role to play in supporting a child.

How are children referred to the Pre-school Teaching Team?
The Pre-school Teaching Team receives referrals at Barnet’s weekly multi-agency referral meeting. This meeting is a single referral route to access support from speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, paediatricians and specialist teaching (including the Pre-school Teaching Team). With parental permission, professionals can refer children to this meeting where the referral is discussed and appropriate services are then allocated. We also accept referrals directly from parents.

From the Barnet Child Development Service you can download the information and referral form.

What can the Pre-school Teaching Team offer?

The Pre-school Teaching Team can offer:

  • Home based teaching sessions
  • Informal assessment of your child’s needs and monitoring of a child’s progress. This is always undertaken jointly with parents/carers
  • Outcomes written together with parents/carers/early years setting and we provide strategies on how to help a child achieve the outcomes

We can also provide:

  • Information on other support available e.g. benefits, voluntary groups and we can refer on to other agencies with your permission
  • Support during transition to nursery or school
  • Information on Early Support and we may act as key workers if appropriate

When does the Pre-school Teaching Team stop working with children?
The Pre-school Teaching Team will stop intervention when a child starts to attend a maintained nursery class, nursery school or reception class. However intervention to stop before this time for a number of reasons e.g. a child :

  • Is attending full time day care and is not at home in the day or you decide together with the teacher that the support is no longer required.
  • No longer needs the level of support the team provides.
  • Starts to attend a specialist nursery e.g. Acorn
  • Is transferred to another service e.g. BEAM

Contact Information
Contact name:Sue Bills
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Pre-school Teaching Team
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