What training do we offer?

Throughout the academic year we run training for parents and carers, and training for staff working in Early Years settings with children with additional needs.

At times our team is invited to contribute to Barnet events such as the SEND Conference.

Makaton Signing for Babies
Our qualified Makaton trainers deliver this free course. This course is designed for parents and family members who would like to learn to sign and have no previous experience of Makaton.  It runs for 8 hours , over 4 weeks.

If you would like to be invited please let your child’s Pre-school Teacher know and you will be invited when the next space is available. 

There is a small free crèche available.

Autism Education Trust-  Early Years (AET)
The Pre-school Teaching Team are the Barnet Licenced Trainers for Autism Education Trust Training Early Years. The face-to-face training is designed to support settings, families and staff to develop and enhance their understanding of Autism and support the teaching of successful strategies for children who have Autism.

The programme is arranged over four strands. All training can be booked through our Pre-school Office.

Making Sense of Autism (1.5hrs)
This is aimed at developing an awareness of Autism. We run this course for staff and families. Families can attend this course as part of our parent-training offer through BEAM.

Good Autism Practice (1 day)
This is aimed at staff who work directly with children with autism. It looks at a range of practical strategies to develop your own practice against the Early Years Competency Framework.

Enhanced Autism Practice (half a day)
This is aimed at staff who have knowledge and some understanding of autism. The course develops further strategies and practical ideas again the competency framework. You should have prior knowledge and experience to attend this half-day training. Ideally, you would attend the Good Autism Practice Session first.

Leading on Good Autism Practice (1 day) This is for staff who in their role have a leadership, which includes responsibility for developing provision and supporting staff to work with children who have Autism.

Training Dates
Training Programme Dates AET April 2019-April 2020

Support for Transition – Successful Next Steps Summer Term
As part of our transition package, we invite any school who are receiving a child currently on the caseload of a Pre-school Teacher to our Successful Next Steps Training. This training covers key strategies needed when you are supporting children and families with emerging needs. You will also receive a master set of resources to use in your school. Attendance is considered an essential part of our transition offer. Following attendance at this your Pre-school Teacher will offer a visit to the school in the Autumn term.

Downs Syndrome Training for Schools
For schools receiving reception aged children with Downs Syndrome, we offer training in the summer term before the children are due to start with them. The training covers information about Downs Syndrome, the learning profile and advice on strategies and interventions which are effective in supporting the children’s development. Attendance is considered an essential part of our transition offer. Following attendance at this your Pre-school Teacher will offer a visit to the school in the Autumn term.

Parent and Carer Workshops
We offer workshops to parents and carers on variety of topics, and we welcome parental suggestions as to the topics they would like information about.

Bespoke Training
We can be booked to deliver tailored training sessions to early years settings or other service providers. The cost of this depends on the training required.