We believe that working together with families for the benefit of their children results in outstanding progress.

Transition into School

Before your child starts school we do a home visit.  From this we arrange a start date and arrangements for how your child will best transition into school, including school hours, lunches, travel to school and the optional uniform.

Parents/carers are welcome in school to support the transition alongside the school staff. Once your child is settled, communication to home is via telephone, text messaging, daily home-school books, emails, and also Tapestry where you can see photos and video of all the exciting learning your child is doing. There is a termly newsletter emailed out and available on the website, providing lots of information.

Early in the Autumn Term, parents are invited in to meet the large Multidisciplinary Team at the school.

Home Visits

We like to come and visit you at home, as we can see how your child is in their home context and work out together which areas of their development we should be working together on.  The result of this home visit may involve a referral to our Family Support Team.

How we review progress

Children’s progress and achievement is recorded daily by class staff and a lot of the evidence of progress is put on their online Tapestry record, so it can be shared with families.

All new starters have a review of their progress within the first six months of starting school.  All professionals involved with your child will write a report for this review that is shared with parents/carers.  Parents/carers are invited to attend and their contributions are valued highly and seen as very important.

Your child’s Education Health and Care plan is reviewed annually (or six monthly if they are under 5) where teachers and parents/carers discuss progress through the learning outcomes.

This will also be shown on your child’s Personal Learning Programme, which outlines targets and teaching strategies to help your child achieve those learning outcomes.

Information on your child

Each child has a record of their progress, saved on the school server, which includes reports, Personal Learning Plans, photos and video.  You are welcome to see your child’s record.


School Uniform

Our school uniform is now compulsory. We highly recommend it as it is practical and comfortable clothing for the children.

Smiths Schoolwear

Smith's Schoolwear located in both Enfield and Potters Bar, are our suppliers. You can either go into the shop or order online, and they will deliver to the school. You can download an Order Form here.

Visit web site

Travel to School

Some parents/carers bring and collect their children every day, and some use the Borough transport system. Children can be collected and brought home on a bus, or sometimes in a taxi. It is entirely up to parents / carers to decide whether or not to use this system; however you do need to meet certain criteria to apply for transport assistance.

Each bus or taxi has a driver and an escort, who stays with the children all the time and brings messages, money etc. backwards and forwards between home and school.

Parents/carers need to fill in an application form for travel assistance which is sent to, then goes to a panel for a decision.

The transport is arranged centrally, by Barnet, and is not under the control of the school. The contact number is 020 8359 2000.

All other transport enquiries for children using the borough transport system to 020 8359 5110.

Further Information

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