Family Support Team

The Family Support Team now consists of 6 professionals, who all work closely together with the aim of empowering you to help you achieve the best outcome for your family and to work in partnership with you to achieve the best for your child.

We provide 1:1 emotional and practical support. Between us we have a range  of skills and a wealth of experience.

Who's in our team

Jessica Ellinor Jessica Ellinor

Drama and Movement Therapist

I am a Sesame trained Drama and Movement Therapist and a qualified Creative Arts Supervisor. I have a post graduate certificate in Childhood Bereavement and a foundation in Group Analysis. I provide family therapy sessions as well as individual drama and movement therapy sessions for the children. In the holidays I co-run drama groups for siblings.

Sophie Riga De Spinoza Sophie Riga De Spinoza

Music Therapist

I am a Music Therapist, having trained at Roehampton University.  I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist. I provide family therapy sessions as well as individual music therapy sessions for the children.

Claire Marsh Claire marsh

Family Support Worker: KS1 & KS2

I work closely alongside the Family Support Team and with all the professionals to find the best way I can support you. I am available to help your family at home with communication, visuals, mealtimes, toileting, behaviour strategies, breakfast time and sleep routine. Please feel free to contact me via email.

Debbie Holt Debbie Holt

Family Support Worker: Acorn and Early Years

I work closely with the family support team and alongside your child's class team. I am available to help you at home with communication, positive behaviour strategies, eating and drinking, sleep routines and toileting. I can provide your family with relevant guidance and resources to support your child and family with daily living.  Please feel free to contact me via email.

Lola Alvarez Lola Alvarez

Child Psychotherapist

Having a child with Learning Disabilities takes you into a journey that perhaps you had not foreseen and where things are not always the way they were supposed to be. At times you might feel that you have no space to think about your own needs and worries. You might also be worrying about what the future holds for your child or perhaps about the impact it could be having on the other members of the family. It can sometimes be helpful to share these concerns. I offer 'A Space to Think' to help parents and families to find a way forward. The sessions are completely confidential.

Jill Smith Jill Smith

Early Intervention Co-ordinator

Some families have problems and crisis at different times in their lives which may affect their children.  My role at Oakleigh is to assess the needs of a family and suggest and work with external services and agencies that may be able to help them.  I work closely with the Senior Leadership Team, Teaching Staff and other Parent Support Staff in order to make informed decisions about what is best for you and your family.

When we’re available:

  • Jessica Ellinor
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Sophie Riga De Spinoza
    Monday and Tuesday
  • Claire Marsh
    Tuesday - Thursday
  • Debbie Holt
    Monday - Friday
  • Lola Alvarez
  • Jill Smith
    Monday and Thursday morning

The following training is being offered by the Barnet Children’s Integrated Therapies:

Barnet CIT Universal Parent Training 2021 Programme