Requests and Information

Photos and videos at special events in school
We really value you coming to support and share special activities such as assemblies, shows etc with your child, but would please request that you only take photos/video of your own child, as some children do not have permission for out of school use of their photos.

Please also be extra cautious when placing photos/video on social media, and you may only do this for your own child.

Clothes and Voluntary Contributions
Please make sure that all your child’s clothes are clearly labeled. We try very hard to not mix up clothes, but it is really helpful if they are named. It would be helpful if you could send in a pair of plimsoles for your child to wear as an alternative to their outdoor shoes in case they get wet or muddy in the playground. We are grateful for any voluntary contributions for snacks, cookery, educational visits etc.

Snack Food
As we are part of the Schools’ Fruit and Vegetable Scheme, we do offer healthy snack options to the children. The fruit and vegetables can be pureed to make smoothies / juices, cooked or eaten raw. If you would like us to provide a particular snack for your child, or would like to send something in, please speak to your child’s class teacher. We are also able to offer milk as a drink option in school.

Please be aware that we do not have nuts in school for any of the children, so please be careful if you send in food with nuts.


Home School Diaries
Please do tick the box next to the message so that we know that it has been read.

Emailing teachers
Although we are very happy for parents/carers to be in contact with teachers via email, please note that most teachers are in class full time, and have limited time to access their emails. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher urgently or if the matter is pressing, please either write in your child’s home/school diary or leave a phone message for them with the school office.

Talk Time PostcardTalk-Time Postcards
Your child has a Talk-Time Postcard. These are for you and your child’s class staff to simply talk and record up to 10 seconds so that your child can share their news. The cards are write-on/wipe-off (please only use the pen provided), plus there is a clear plastic pocket for you to insert your own pictures.

Please do use these as often as you can, and remember to keep it in your child’s bag so it is available for us to record messages for home. This is in addition to your child’s home / school diary.

Swim Pads
We have a supplier for pads for children who need to wear them in the hydrotherapy pool, or in public pools when they go swimming. If you would like to order one for use outside of school, please contact Alison Rees at the school. If your child needs a swimming pad, you will receive a letter requesting payment for it.

Rather than your child miss their hydrotherapy or swimming session, if we have a spare one which another child has grown out of, we will use it for your child. Please let us know if you would prefer us NOT to do so.

The first car park at the end of our driveway belongs to the Medical Practice, and spaces are for their staff only. Parking in our car park continues to be very limited. There are spaces for parents/carers to drop off their children but not to stay long term for meetings etc. We would like to encourage you to take your vehicles off site as quickly as possible.

Speech and Language Therapy Home Visits
Our speech and language therapists are keen to do home visits during the school holidays, to support you in setting up programmes to use at home. If you would like one of them to contact you about this, please ask your child’s class teacher to pass on your details to them or call them on 020 8361 1993.